E Learning - Training Videos Production

During the last few years the Internet has provided many companies the opportunity to offer their employees training on an individual basis.
E Learning has the advantage that participants can learn at their own pace and when they are available. Moreover it allows them to review the content as often as they wish.
That is why the Effica Group offers you such a broad range of methods to help you gain the most from your training investment. To do this, we offer the following three methods:

Web Videos:

New skills are learned faster if one can actually sees them in action. At Effica, we custom make video capsules which will help to teach your employees new sales techniques. The scenarios are adapted to reflect your business or industry and the examples are based on real life situations which the participants can relate to easily.
These video capsules are then made available to you on your intranet or on our own Learning Management System (LMS) via the internet. You can then benefit from the training concepts as long as you wish.
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Gone are the boring webinars when participants listened to a speaker reading a Powerpoint presentation in a monotone voice.
Effica offers interactive Webinars accompanied by pertinent videos which result in dynamic training and animated discussion.
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Learning Management System (LMS)

You cannot provide training using your Intranet? No problem! Effica can offer to house all the necessary training sessions on its own servers. Through the reports from our Learning Management System (LMS), you will be able to monitor the participation rate and manage the learning curb of all participants. In order to ensure the maximum effectiveness from your training investment, this tool will also allow you to know what follow-up you should do.

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