Sales Management Training and Leadership


Provide methods and tools which will allow participants to better manage their employees and increase their sales.

Develop sales reflexes and strengthen the abilities of your personnel by choosing a viable and quantifiable sales project which can be implemented and evaluated systematically.

Training Objectives

At the end of this training session, the participants will be able to:

  • Apply techniques related to leadership, management and coaching to meet the challenges of sales management.
  • Produce a sales strategy for their enterprise or sales team.
  • Choose a concrete project which will increase their sales revenue in a measurable way.
  • Make an implementation plan to put theory into practice.
  • Set up management practices.
  • Direct a team by communicating clear goals.
  • Encourage the motivation of sales personnel with regard to their sales projects.
  • Measure the sales results.
  • Manage the sales employees progress.
  • Organize and run productive and motivating sales meetings.
  • Organize an evaluation review meeting with an individual sales person.
  • Adjust the differences between the behaviour and results of one sales person.
  • Evaluate the training and coaching needs for your sales people.
  • Choose one of the different coaching methods.
  • Do this coaching method during the course of a normal working day.
  • Offer motivating feed-back while you are coaching.


  • Customer's buying process.
  • Leadership, management and coaching.
  • Culture, behaviours and abilities.
  • The PER DIEM method.
  • Different sales projects.
  • Your money-making project.
  • Managing: How to formulate and communicate clear goals to your sales personnel.
  • Influencing sales behaviours.
  • Dividing objectives into activities and behaviours.
  • Choosing performance indicators and tools to achieve them.
  • The anatomy of motivation: what you can influence and how.
  • The group sales meeting.
  • The “Flash” meeting.
  • Meetings to review results.
  • Meetings to improve results.
  • The competency profile.
  • Diagnostic tool: determining the coaching needs for each sales person: junior or senior.
  • Coaching methods.
  • The feedback method 333.
  • Your coaching plan.


*PER DIEM can be offered in different modules according to the needs of the client. This course is also available on video. Every training session is customized for each of our clients. The examples, the exercises and the role play reflect the reality of each company with whom we do business. The means of deployment (in a classroom, by video or internet) are adapted to the needs of the company or the participants.