Satisfaire le client

Client Experience Training

The big buzz word theses days is Customer Experience. Customer service goes further than client experience. It is a set of practices and standards that must differentiate your business and transform customer service opportunities into business development. Beyond a pleasant experience, your staff must solve client issues and defuse emotional situations. This training is anchored in the reality of your business processes and logistical constraints.

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And improve your business results in a sustainable way.


Module 1

Your mission: to create the perception of satisfaction

The S.E.T.T.L.E.

The four degrees of dissatisfaction

When emotions overcome reason

The moment of truth

Module 2

Listen first

Secure/reassure it’s the customer’s first need

Explore: sort out facts from emotions

Module 3

Controlling the conversation

Tackle expectations: under promise – over deliver

Test the client’s reaction: lower the temperature

Module 4

Go from problems to solutions

Lead: the client is part of the solution

Engage the follow up process