Sales Training

Our sales training programs are very different from typical hard charging, close at any cost, fast-talking techniques normally seen in sales training. We focus on your clients’ needs because we believe that clients who enjoyed their purchasing experience will come back and send their friends. We also know for a fact that you will retain competent sales staff if they feel that they don’t have to trade their integrity for their sales numbers. Our techniques are designed to train your sales staff to provide the best advice and help their clients make the best purchasing decision. Our programs are customized to different sales environments such as retail sales (B2C), business to business (B2B), concept and services sales and add-on and value-added selling.

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And improve your business results in a sustainable way.


Module 1

ANTI-PRESSURE selling it starts with the client

The customer’s purchasing process

Different types of consumers


Module 2

Client experience: from lip service to doing it

Active greeting

Directing: responding to real needs

Module 3

No need to sell help the client buy

Conscious needs

Prices and product: the 4 buying motivations

YOU – WE – YOU: give each client his own reasons to buy

Module 4

Closing, objections, negotiation: convincing without conflict

The psychology of closing

The psychology of objections and negotiation

The buying momentum

Getting the client to change his mind… on his own